Our Tented Camp and Campsite at Mto Wa Mbu

Savanna Bush Camps
A Bit of Luxury on a Budget!!

Savanna Bush Camp

Lilac Campsite and Tented Camp

  • It all started as a dream that came true, a property that has 14 acres that makes you feel that you are in the wilderness
  • Its wild and rustic!! We have kept it as a safe zone for the wildlife that we have in our property
  • In total we have 8 Tent Cottages 4 local cottages, we can accommodate 24 Pax a given time
  • We can pitch 20tents that are 3 mts x 3mts easily

Our Bar counter has a history!!

  • The Safari Bar and the watering hole!!
  • We have at this bar 72 types of drinks, one and only kind in the Northern circuit!!
  • She used to be our utility vehicle (Supply vehicle) she did her time by the time she was done she was 28 years old!! Nobody wanted to buy her!!
  • So one day I wanted a Bar Counter!!
  • I wanted to make one like they had at the Safari Hotel then the Copper Bar used in the Film Hatari.
  • Plans changed !!
  • She was just sitting in the yard!!  Took an angle grinder and chopped her off!!  My staff thought I was crazy!! I had gone Kukus!!
  • Then she was transported to Camp in Mto Wa Mbu.
  • We then fabricated her!! She now looks like a real safari vehicle, when you see her at a first glance.
  • She is the only one of her kind in the Northern Circuit.

The Safari Bar

  • She can be seen at Savanna Bush Camp in Mto Wa Mbu

Wildlife in Camp

  • Today at Savanna Bush Camp in Mto Wa Mbu
  • We have Black Faced Vervet  Monkeys that are at home in our camp
  • We have over 36 family members of Banded Mongooses that clean the camp from Snakes, Scorpions and Centipedes .They are the natural cleaners
  • We have two spices of Bush Babies, they are Grater and Leaser Bush Babies they are loud at night.
  • The Genet is seen at Camp one in while
  • We have recorded 170 species of bird and counting
  • At night youcan hear the Hyena’s howling as Lake Manyara National Park boundary is only 3 Kms away.
  • We have had Elephants who have lost their way from the Park, as this was a wilderness area one upon a time and it was their feeding and foraging area.
  • It’s a camp that makes youfeel that you are in the wilderness area it’s full of Yellow Fever Acacia Trees