What do Clients have to say after being on Safari us

The crew and Aafeez I have been so happy!!! I could not be happier about my Tanzania Private Select Safari experience. My eyes and heart were opened by the environment and the animals. I'm grateful for morning call with tea, for porridge by the fire, and for the subtle variety in each day.

Andy - Norwich, VT

July 2010

Aafeez and Team, Have been to Africa multiple times, and have even done a safari before. This trip was far and away the best organized and executed I have been on. I was astounded by how well everything was done. Thank you Tanzania Private Select Safari

Linda & Frank En Terre, France

July 2010

Dear TPSSL Our Tanzania experience was so much more than we ever expected. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. My biggest Complain!!! The Food (tooMuch) | The Camp crew (they looked after us like kings and Queens!!) Thank you and keep it up !!!

Betsey M. Clayville, RI

September 2010

Dear Aafeez The recommendation came to me, you are just perfect !!! This was my first safari and first trip with Tanzania Private Select Safari...it will not be my last! This was truly a trip of a lifetime, outstanding in every way!

Samson Vienna, VA

September 2010

Dear Khadhi!!!  And team of Crew Members!! This trip exceeded our expectations. The trip leaders were fabulous, all the accommodations were great, and we certainly ate well. And of course, seeing all the wildlife was beyond belief. We feel so fortunate to have experienced this safari. Aafeez Thank you!!! The Out Of Africa Set up has been an experience!!!

Alex New York, NY

October 2010

Fantastic trip. Absolutely amazing. Our guide superior!! The Camp Fantastic! The Food can’t say anything!! Time to go on a diet!!! It has been 10 days of fantastic game viewing! We have been spoilt!!!

Aziz R – Montreal Canada

February 2011

Our 3 guide have been exceptional. Always happy and able to communicate their expertise extremely well. Asante Sana Bakari 1 Bakari 2 and Mapunda!!

February 2011

What an exceptional itinerary, safari, and camping experience! The different parks highlighted different animals and the biodiversity and majesty of the region. The volume of animals is extraordinary and our guides did a great job of finding things that few others would find (cheetahs on the hunt! cheetah cubs! lion cubs by themselves!). I'll never forget how moving seeing these animals in their natural habitat was. Our bush camps were exceptional—brings new meaning to ‘glamping!’ Being able to stay in the bush in comfort really magnified the overall excellence of the safari.

Franki, San Francisco, CA

February 2011

I have dreamed of taking this trip for years, and it truly exceeded my expectations on all fronts. The wildlife, terrain, people, staff, and fellow trip mates made it an adventure to treasure always. I feel blessed and fortunate.

James Arlington, NJ

February 2011

Dear TPSSL  Team This was the trip of a lifetime! It was especially meaningful to me because I celebrated my 65th birthday while there and the staff couldn't have been more accommodating. They set up our dinner outside, surrounded by tiki torches and lanterns hung in the trees. Dinner was wonderful and they even baked a special birthday cake for me. When the staff sang the Swahili version of a birthday song, it melted my heart. Of course, the sights that we saw over the course of the two weeks were just unbelievable! I learned so much about so many aspects of Tanzania, its people and wildlife. All of this will remain in my heart for many years to come. No Wonder Aafeez did not come on safari on this day!!! |He told us that he had to pick up a parcel at the airport!! | Yes The Parcel was a Cake that was flown in from Arusha It was a Black Forest Cake!! Just love Black Forest!!! My biggest complain!!! | Too much food, tasty food!!! The Set up just Out of Africa!!!!

James Far Hills, NJ

June 2011

Dear Fizzy The trip was outstanding. Well-designed itinerary, great camp sites and extremely nice and informative guides. Great food, especially at the two camps—we were all asking for a few of the recipes! Baba Tau is going to send us this bush cooking Recipes!!! Aafeez Please keep in touch!!!

Alison Verona, WI

August 2011

Dear Mr. Aafeez We couldn't have been more pleased with our safari....everything was PERFECT! Wolfgang Frankfurt  Germany !! 

Wolfgang Frankfurt Germany !!

August 2011

Jivraj Aafeez and team Fantastic trip, good variety of sites, excellent leadership.

Hans Pectoris Cape Town South Africa

September 2011

Afizoo!!!!! The trip exceeded my expectations. The guides were incredible (they saw animals where I only saw bushes). The accommodations were perfect and the food was delicious and healthy. We saw so many animals and the guides were so knowledgeable.

Jacques Cape Town South Africa

September 2011

Afeez Boss of TPSSL The guidewas a big reason for an awesome trip! You should come to South Africa and open up a company You will beat themall !!!

Gerald - Cape Town South Africa

January 2012

Bwana Aafeez This was the best trip out of the US I've ever had. Lots of stories and memories. TPSSL was a key part of making it a very special trip! Thank you Aafeez

Annett – Germany!!!

February 2012

TPSSL Team The trip was life-changing on so many levels. We're so happy we went! It's not just seeing the animals up close and personal. We both felt a deep connection with the people, the place. Fantastic!

Sutter - Munich Germany

June 2012

Jivraj This was our first time on safari and it went way beyond any of our expectations for what was to come. Our guide was more than terrific and for our first time in Africa, this trip has us wanting to go back for more. We saw four of the Big Five, but this became secondary to just being on the Serengeti with a half million wildebeests! Aafeez The wife and I are already talking!!! We will be back I want Bakari as my Guide when we come back!! Make sure you have plenty of Crazy Cock whiskey with you Just loved this brew from India !!

Satnam – New Delhi – India

August 2012

TPSSL Crew One of the best trips we've ever taken!

Debbie West Carolina

September 2012

Fizzy Trip of a lifetime! Beyond our expectations in all aspects. 100% x infinity very very satisfied clients we are !!! You come very highly recommended

Carolyn Boston USA

September 2012

Aafeez What should I say of this company!!! This was one of the best trips I've ever taken, perhaps the best. I will long remember the Serengeti in the evening, the animals we saw, our trip guide and the crew and the communication was just super!!! .

Franklyn Washington USA

September 2012

Aafeez  this  has beyond our expectation !!! This safari was as unique as it was outstanding. Our up-close and personal introductions to the wildlife in a safe and respectful way made me feel privileged to a part of such an awesome adventure. The Out of Africa Camp was one of the best ways of making this safari The Tents small but comfy!! It took us back in time as you had mentioned!!

Joanne Vancouver, Canada

December 2012

Aafeez Great guide, beautiful campsites and hotel, gained 10 pounds (so food obviously awesome), and perfect pace of travel! The game viewing perfect Next time we would like to spend more time in the Serengeti Wasn’t to spend more time in the north Want to see the river crossing

Italy - Roma – Elberto

February 2013

Aafeez A wonderful experience for our entire family, We loved it. Very well done! Keep it up!!! I just loved your style Out of Africa It was!!!! I will be back

Satish Kapoor – Delhi – India

February 2013

Mr Jivraj This was an incredible adventure! Well-planned, well-executed, informative, and fun. The private camps were wonderful and the guides were superb.

Sebastian – Mexico

June 2013

Aafeez and team thank you I saved up for five years to make this trip. It was well worth it and I will never forget the people, places, and the overall experience. I'm looking forward to my next Tanzania Private Select Safari Travels I want to go to the south with the same crew!!!

Kent – Brazil

August 2013

Dear Aafeez & Team Our trip was flawless. All details were managed beautifully. I still can't believe how good the food was at our two campsites. What came out of such small kitchens was amazing. The food was better then what comes out of my kitchen!!! I looked at the Chef how he cooked!! Open Fire!!! Never thought the food would be so good!!

Pierre – South Africa

September 2013

Dear Aafeez This has been one of my best trips ever, greatly enhanced by the surprises: out of the dust of the Serengeti plain—the formal lunch (linen, silver, glass, chef with toque); and the sunset hike up the kopje! The Champagne was great at Moru Kopjes!! Hearing the Lions Roar at a distance!! It has just been a great Trip!!! I will be back with friends Keep the camp set up the way it is!! Just improvise on the lights

Linda - Germany

December 2013

Aafeez At first I thought!!! Accommodations were unbelievable! Could never have imagined that such delicious meals and plush accommodations would be found in the Serengeti. It was more than I could have ever dreamed off and the best trip of my life...so far! I will be back

Caroline – Hamburg – Germany

January 2014

Aafeez seeing you in the Kitchen after a game drive was something else Making Samosas and meat balls For the fire place!! I need that recipe!! The Cassava chips semi boiled and then deep fried have never had something like this before!! One thing for sure I have tried to make the sauce you showed me to make in camp!! It does not come out the same!! The baked meat balls they do not even become batter then your!! I thought we were on a vacation to see wildlife | I have spent more time in the kitchen with you then seeing the game!! I think I will come and spend more time with you in the kitchen then being on safari next time !! I will be back!!! The attention to detail, luxury in the wild, provision for my safety, and the excellent tent camps (meals, cleanliness, service provided) were extraordinary. Thank you Aafeez The cock tails youmade, I thing they made it up for the evening!! | We have had so much alcohol and you do not even drink Alcohol!! This safari was something else!!!

Barbie – Spain

July 2014

Dear Bakari and Aafeez This trip was outstanding and exceeded our expectations. It immersed us in the country, and gave us an unanticipated feel for the bush, its grandeur, its wildlife, its culture. The close association with the Maasai was a special treat and the ability to explore in open cars and on foot enriched the experience, and left clients of other companies with their mouths agape. When we reflect on the trip, the first word which comes from each of us is ‘wow.’

Jessica, CA USA

August 2014

Dear Mapunda !!! The trip was beyond expectations and way better than I dared to hope for. Great, great guide and staff, great facilities, Wonderful planning and execution. I couldn't be more pleased.

Stefano – Calgary Canada

August 2014

Dear Bakari Jr The trip was outstanding in every way, exceeding our (already high) expectations! Animals, guides, service, attention to detail, food...everything was wonderful! I just love the way you approached the wild animals!! The camp was something else !!

Sam – Cologne – Germany

August 2014

Dear TPSSL Team What an excellent itinerary. I loved the fly camp, the night game drives, and the walks at Alamana. The "real" Maasai experience we had vs. a canned tourist experience is unforgettable. Loved the camping in Serengeti National Park. I was always comfortable so were my two kids we were well fed, and well cared for. I just loved being in the camp!! The whole set up was something else!! Keep it up!! We for sure will be back That I promise!!

Pauline – Hamburg Germany

September 2014

Team TPSSL The trip totally exceeded our expectations! The activities were so varied and exciting we could hardly wait to get going each morning. The attention to detail made every aspect special and the size of the group was great. WOW! I can’t even begin to tell you how completely fabulous the trip was! Everything was perfect, the camps were gorgeous, tons and tons of animals, and yes—the Big 5. Just know that we are now full-blown Tanzania Private Select Safari.

Nancy - Dortmund – Germany

October 2014

Dear Aafeez There were unexpected treats that were great: the two lunches in the bush that had beautiful tables, place settings and fantastic food; having champagne and treats on top of a rock with a view that we hiked to; the visit to the Maasai sacred rock and eating the grilled goat and being with them. The safari itself was fantastic...the added treats were incredible. We really enjoyed the private camps. We saw animals and birds better and closer than ever before and this was our sixth safari! In one outing we saw a leopard in a tree, a lioness on a kopje and a cheetah lying in the grass.

Cheri - Nuremberg – Germany

December 2014

Dear Aafeez | you delivered what you promised you gave me the best guide!! Being a female traveler you told me I will be well taken care of! The guide you hand me over to did his best to look after me!! The crew treated me like a queen!! I was the African Queen for them!!! You gave me the best crew I have taken over 8500 pictures in 12 days The best was the phone contract that you made Best trip of my life. It was always my dream to go to Africa and now I want to broaden my horizons and see more of this great continent. I was satisfied by 100%

Christine – Leipzig- Germany

January 2015

Dear Aafeez & TPSSL Crew Thank you thank you Thank you!!!! Finally we are over and done with the safari! A safari that we started communicating almost 16 months ago, this safari will stay in our heats for a very long time a safari beyond expectations You mentioned you delivered Mr Capitan Aafeez Jivraj Spending 5 days in the Serengeti at 1st we thought was too much!!! But we then understood why!! The Distance was nothing seeing the wildlife was something!! Specially the River Crossing in Mara River, those big dragons the way they propel to make the kill was something that we only saw in TV Having theZebras, Elephants and Gnus in camp was exceptional Sitting by the fife with our guide and him telling us stories of his experience and how he was tough this trade by you Mr. Capitan Aafeez Jivraj. You made this safari for us, making us feel that it was just us in this big wild wilderness!! We loved the way the  camp was set up We love your camp in Mto Wa Mbu ( rustic ) just like the old days !! I love your Bar that you have chopped of your Safari Land cruiser It has a final resting place A bar counter!!! Mr Capitan Aafeez Jivraj We will be back sooner than expected, as now we want to see the Gnu giving birth in the Serengeti I will want the same crew, the same driver GuideBokaand the same cooker!!! His food was fantastic!! My wife tells me I have to go on a diet. Well she has to go on a diet as well. Once again thankyou for a safari that has been above our expectation

Juliano – Segovia – Spain

August 2015

Mr Jivraj I want to thank you so much The camp in Serengeti Fantastic The food in Serengeti Too Much!!!! The Crew super super!!! Game drives, we see lots of animals!!! What can I complain about 3 punchers only but that is what safari is all about. I see the roads very bad, Mapunda a very safe driver. I like the way you communicate every evening checking on us if we have not ended up on the dinner plate of the lions as you told us in our safari detailing. I like the sound of the lions at night6 by the fire place. I tell you this safari was something else, one of the best in many tears it was like a dream come true I like the wooden bed .  They are strong Alot has changed on the camp set up , its better  then what it was 7 years ago Keep it up

Maurice – San Marino – Italy

September 2015

Jivraj We are back after 3 good years This time we have come with our children ( they are adults ) The safari has been very well executed Mr Jivraj The route something very different The Mrs has just loved it Our Children they have loved this  safari The elder one has come to me and has told me  that this is going to be my honey moon destination !!!  (Ha that is going to be in the next 8 yrsplus ) I want to thank you  to organize our trip with the same crew  same driver guide Thank you for having the Crazy Cock Whiskey for me in Camp Just loved this brew from India !! My say Food 100% Safari 100% Accommodation 100% tops As I told  you I will be back I will be back again after a few years  we will be in touch !!! Aafeez  you have improvised  the camp so much in 3 years I love the style of the beds !! Infect I will ask you to ship me one Kind size bed!!! I like the metal work!!! Thank you for making this great safari with my children!!!

Satnam – New Delhi – India

December 2015

Habari Bwana Aafeez Now, that our journey comes to an end, we’d like to take the opportunity to say Thank you! Thanks to a great crew, that couldn’t have been better. Thanks to Bakari Junior, not only a very good driver and guide but also a big connoisseur of all animals including birds. There were no questions he couldn’t answer, no wishes he couldn’t fulfill. Thanks to Tadde for great food you wouldn’t expect in bush, you have to visit fine restaurants to find yummy food like his. TamuSana !! Thanks to Tadde for exceptional care, you’re the heart and soul of the crew. Thanks to Khadhi for teaching (or trying to ;)) Swahili, for all support and always a winning and warming smile. Thanks to Mother Nature for being so generous showing us many beautiful things, We’ll tell others about TPSSL. We will recommend you to all our family and friends as we have been the Genie pigs and hope to see you again.( in a few years ) We will be back  for sure Asante sananaKwaheri

Stefan Germany

January 2016

Mr Jivraj Thank you for a great safari We did a great amount of shopping for a safari Then a friend mentioned your name and your company You are a bit on the high side but end of the day you have provided the service of a 5 star Aafeez keep up the good work!!! Here is an update on our safari We had a very impressive tour during which our guide Gabriel made us familiar with country, the nature and the people. He managed to let us see the big migration (which was our main reason to come here) as well as many other animals (among then the big 5) and others attractions of nature. We experienced him as a very reliable guide and friendly person. Furthermore we have to thank very much the camp team which put extraordinary efforts in making our staying as convenient as possible. They were always friendly and ready to react to our requests. The food was excellent, served in a perfect way, the accommodation and facilities were always kept in good and clean condition. Thank you  for having a bed side lamp for us Asante Sana !! Finally we want to thank the whole crew for making our journey an unforgettable experience.

Gerhard Stuttgart

July 2016

Dear Mr Jivraj The recommendation from Perth  came in perfect for you Mr Jivraj and your team !!! We did not have a chance to meet again as we flew  from Seronera  to Zanzibar We would like to thank you for the great composition of the route and for the organization. Not only from the animal observations, also the landscapes were very impressive. The holiday will be remembered uniquely. Especially because of our great team during the safari. One highlight is difficult, but we would like to mention especially Bakari Katiku our driver and guide. We have seen a lot together, seen (including wild dogs, Serval Cats , crocodile, Gnu migration, leopards, cheetahs  the Lions and have lost count !!.) and also had fun. Atansasia what a great chef!!! What he cooked in the open fire with basic kitchen tools !!! He should be working in a 5 star hotel What he has conjured up everything and in a quality, that must first make one. The food in the Sopa Lodge has not reached this level. But also the TPSSL camp team. Whether it was the perfect warm water for a shower, fun together or tranquility!! of all, when a lioness came very close to the camp one of the crew members came  to tell us about it The nights by the fire place have been one of its kind The Hyena howling at a distance  the Lions roaring at a distance  this was what we wanted !!! We got what we wanted The Climax of this safari was one night we had two Nomad Lions in Camp and they just roared and roared the night away !! They kept a distance But once we were in our tents  they came all the way to the fire place investigated  laid down , we could see them from our tent window Bakari told us you were perfectly safe in your tent !!! And safe we were!! This will be a trip to be remembered!!! Thank you Aafeez and team!!!

Angelica – Perth – Australia

August 2016

Dear Jivraj If you have seen and experienced something like that in southern Africa, you cannot wait for that to be topped. The two-week safari "Manyara Lake - Lake Natron - Ngorongoro Conservation Area - Serengeti" has spawned at least one unexpected highlight daily. Wildlife and everything that the photographer's heart desires we have taken over 15000 pictures and now we have to edit and keep the best ones!! On the way to the secluded Natron Lake, the real "explorer feeling" came up. In this area we met the Sonjo  The Maasai, whose children had for the first time seen White people  they actually touched us to feel it was for real " and looked at us curiously or frightened. Also the hike with a Maasai Guide to secluded waterfalls was very adventurous, An unforgettable experience was the area around Lake Natron anyway and recommended for anyone who wants to experience real seclusion. We were particularly impressed by the "Special Campsites" at Nasera Rock and in the Ngorongoro Conservation area where we could dive into the wilds unfiltered, with lions and elephants right at the tent. The evening campfires with red wine were a romantic finale to exciting wildlife viewing during the day. Overall, we spent eight nights in the Serengeti National Park and in The Ngorongoro Conservation Area and this was by far the best we have ever experienced in wildlife observation. Special thanks go to our driver and guide Boka (Bakari Jr), who has an incredible sense of where things are going to happen and will be able to spot animals far away with the naked eye that we could not even see right away with binoculars. He has also demonstrated the incredible ability to reliably maneuver to the pole position despite dozens of other safari vehicles he got us the best angles  so that we would get the best pictures , he kept the sun behind us so that  the pictures would turn out good . Asking him who thought him this? His smile and then he said it all My Boss he has trained us!!! Thought us!! Baba Tau (Paul) our cook conjured incredible delicacies on the table every day and Khadhi and Abdi were the helpful ghosts, with great attention to detail, which provided us they spoiled the two spoiled Europeans, with all the best. They could The best part of this safari was when we were at Lilac Campsite we forgot a gadget  in our room , the  time it was needed  at Nasera Rock we could not find it So Boka called the  camp and it was there . Not to worry  he told us we will get the tool at Naabi gate by noon tomorrow The Tool did  come together with a small generator  so that we could charge our batteries as well The Manager just sent it Spending  two weeks in the national parks , how time flew we do not know !!!! Everything in camp was fresh The Salad The Food I do not know how you do the logistics? I tell youMrs went to the kitchen a few times and she just saw Ice boxes with Ice Then Baba Tau Took her to the Truck I was amazed You have a Solar fridge!! and panels on the truck The circuit board  is something I have copied it  Mr. Jivraj !! Theother thing I like the modifications that you have made in the UNI MOG !!! ItsAmazing!!! You have used a TATA engine that is from India in a German vehicle Then Bakari explained this to me and it makes sense to me I am chuffed!!! My  wife  has told Bakari I like gadgets  and he has told me  that you Mr. Jivraj are the same I will be recommending  your  company to my circle of friends  thank you  for a great safari Thank you  for a Great  Safari

Jens Nikola - Stuttgart - Germany

February 2017

Tpssl Team I want to thank you  for a great safari It was one perfect safari , very well organized The  timing was perfect It was our bucket list that we had to see  the Wildebeests  giving birth This  was very tricky But you  mentioned that  February was the  time to do this safari . We came on the dates that you mentioned we got to see what we wanted to see. The Caving Season Safari was the one we did with Select Mobile Camps, Our Driver Guide Mapunda was on top of it . The Camp set up was something that we did expect it to be the way it was , It was just fantastic Thank you  for adding the 1000 Watts  Inverter , by  having this gadget  it made it so easy to charge my  tools to take pictures . Thank you for providing me with the Tripod Stand and the Mono Stand. Departing from Camp every morning and driving to Gol Mountains area to see the big herds was something else. We have taken so many pictures of the wildebeests giving birth I want to thank you and your team for doing the utmost to make this safari a success We have seen kills that were made by Lions, Cheetah and Hyenas One again thank you for a great Safari

Jankel – Hamburg - Germany

February 2017

Staff of TPSSL All we wanted to see was the concentration of the Wildebeest!!! We did!!! Thank you for setting up the Camp in the Western Corridor of Serengeti The Camp  was some  that resembled the Movie you  told us to watch  out of Africa | Yes  the  camp set up was out of Africa The Food  I give you  10/10 ( too much Tasty Food !!!! ) The Camp set up I give you 10/10 Game Drives 10/10 Dickson 10/10 Crew 10/10 Yes its Africa , we had punchers  a few of them but shall not complain The best was we got to see what we wanted  to see  that was the  Migration going south  we caught it . Dickson  told us  that  you used to send him the GPS  coordinates  every evening He told  us that  your Pilot friends  who flew the skies of the Serengeti sent you these coordinate  every day . That is why we saw the Big herds!! Thank you so much!! Spending 6 days is the Serengeti was the correct choice!! We will recommend you back home

Shakellmann – Zurich - Switzerland

July 2017

Fizzy and Team Tpssl came as a recommendation to us I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart  that  we saw  what we  wanted to see That was the  Lions , the Leopards , The Cheetah , the River Crossing  , and many more  things We can write a book !! You recommended Start  with  Tarangire  - Lake Manyara – Lake Eyasi – Serengeti  National Park  Central  3 Nights   then  proceed to  Lobo Lodge for one night so that  the Camp could  move  to Mara  River area . As we were  4 of us  that is why you added the Lodge at Lobo a perfect place  the views stunning then  from Lobo  to Mara  River for 4 days  and  2 days in Ngorongoro The Itinerary Paid off !! We have seen River Crossings only in TV did not know that sometimes one will wait at the River for hours and it will note take place. Wise decision was taken that we spend 4 days in Serengeti North Yes we saw 3 River Crossings in 4 days. 1 full day we waited and waited till we gave up!! The Other Good thing was the crew to bring us hot lunch by the River Mara as the camp was not far away from the River. We have seen so many animals even a Rhino is Serengeti North. Never seen such big Crocodiles that Bakari showed us  , I think one was over 17 feet long The Hadazaa were something  else , we tasted the Kudu meat  that was fresh  Asani the guide told us  it was good meat  so we tasted it and it was good  meat The Crater  is something  it made the climax  of the safari Asante Sana – Thank you

Shakira – Johannesburg - South Africa

August 2017

Aafeez Did anyone tell you that your product is spoiling the South African way of Camping!!! You have spoilt us totally. How on earth did the cook know that South Africans love beer bread? You served us Boerewors Sausages (thisis South African Specialty) You even had the poike With these kitchen tools I felt that I was still in South Africa. You have spoil us  totally you were recommended by Shakira  who did a safari with you in August this year , she told us that  you will have blast of a safari . That is why we requested for the driver guide Bakari who guided Shakira and the same Supply crew. I have to say we followed Shakira’s   Itinerary. The only thing that we did not get to taste was the Kudu in Lake Eyasi on that day we wren there they had a Baboon we passed. Thank you somuch for a great Safari The Camptotally “Out of Africa” The Staff I so friendly!!! The Food I do not even what to say anything about it, we were fed very well Paul made the Honey Mustard Pork Chops (The Mrs. Wants the Recipe please mail it to me) I will say it again you have spoilt the South African way of Camping. Thank you so much for a great safari You have a team and a half Please when in South Africa please look us  up It will be our  time  to show  you our Hospitality

Jacques Pienaar Jr - Cape Town – South Africa

October 2017

Mr Aafeez  Jivraj I will now tell you how I got your contact!! You asked me at the dinner table on the day of the safari briefing I told you take a wild card!! Ok  it’s almost a year  today The came and spent two weeks on safari You have prepared the same itinerary  that you did for them The only thing is that  they were two we are six !!! Jens Nikola from Stuttgart gave us your contact We had gone for dinner to his place then he showed us his pictures I felt jealous!!! I had to do this safari as well That is why I asked for the same team!!!  Same driver guide! Thank you for meeting us after the safari It has been a great safari beyond our expectation. I being an engineer I was told to look at the UNIMOG What I see in this 1964 model vehicle I am amazed!!! Your Modifications, just fantastic!!!! We have taken so many pictures and once we get home we will edit them. The Camp looks a bit different from what Jens had. It has been improvised The Food  Baba Tau made was something that  one would get in a 5 star hotel The food was better then  what we got at Sopa Lodge We have  stolen  the recipe  that  you had given Baba Tau for  the Bar be Q !!! We will try and make it in Germany oneday !! Aafeez wehave had two fantastic weeks on safari we have nothing to complain about. The biggest complaint is that there was too much food!! The group says that they have put on some Kilos!! I liked  your camp in Mto Wa Mbu  its Rustic  but fantastic  it was something just what we wanted Thank you  for  a great safari The areas we visited  were fantastic Tarangire -  Lake Manyara – Ngorongoro Crater – Nasera Rock – Serengeti We want to come  back in a few years Prepare something very different Show us something different Same  crew – same driver guide Let keep in touch remember  you have a roof  when you come to Germany Thank  you

Toby & team - Stuttgart - Germany

January 2018

Aafeez After reading the comment that was written by Jankel  in 2017 in February We took a gamble A very big gamble , went through your Itinerary  and we booked I would like to say The  Safari in February was something beyond our expectation Your price  is a bit higher then what the  Travel Agents offer  here in Germany . I see what that means We have had a fantastic trip The Price was not the issue  , service was  the issue I being Diabetic you had  the Insulin  flask for me The Fridge  in the Safari vehicle chilled and  kept the Insulin safe Thank you so much I would like to say  your crew and driver guide executed this safari  very well , I remember  Aafeez  this was the 1st breakfast  on safari  the Cook had  forgotten  the sweetener  , as I was adding the sugar  in my Coffee  he came running to me and  took away  the mug from me . Politely  he told  me sir very sorry  but I have to take this away from you I have something that I was told to give  you He then handed out to me  Cadrile ( artificial sugar tabs )  This is for you  Please keep it . Boss  had mentioned it to me that  I have to give you this as he is using the same  thing This brought joy to me , I am looked after  ( We are looked after ) Thank you  Aafeez The camp one of its kind  and we just loved it The Food Fantastic Game watching  : we got to see the Wildebeests  giving birth just like Jankel did Your hospitality we have been looked after  very well Thank you

Jeff Loew – Frankfurt – Germany

February 2018

Aafeez Jivraj We have just finished 14 days safari in the Northern Circuit Thank you so much for making this happen  a Safari that we shall not forget . Our Destinations were Arusha National Park, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Lake Eyasi, Ngorngoro Crater Serengeti National Park, Lake Victoria, Mara River, Lake Natron This was our 2nd trip to Africa (Tanzania) after South Africa A fried had given your contact; they did a safari with you some years ago. They came in through an agency in Germany We did get in contact with the agency but it was getting expensive so we decided to get in contact with you directly. Our Trip From Landing at Kilimanjaro International Airport to drop off at Arusha Airport all in all it was well taken care off. The walking in Arusha National Park was just super, the water fallsand the Fig tree getting close to a herd of Buffalos was very exciting. Tarangire National Park walking with the Ranger in this park was something that we never thought of my heart was pumping like hell!! We got very close to herd of elephants, the wind was blowing against the Elephants, so they did not get our smell. The Ranger he knew what he was doing. Lake Manyara  Night game drive , The old leopard  we saw was huge , very huge and it was old The guide told  us he has got  a head like a debe  ( think that means a 20 liter tin ) Lilac  Campsite and tented Camp A perfect choice  to spend  3 nights  I know its rustic and work is going on  with the repairs after the floods The Canopy  walk was something else  in Lake Manyara National Park Lake Eyasi , taking part with the Hadza tribes man  was a kind of its own ,  the execution we did  with them they got a Vervet  Monkey  , have never experienced  this type of  hunt , I think it would  have been better that we spent 2 nights  in Lake Eyasi  but we learn and prepare  for the next time safari . Ngorongoro was something else I cannot imagine this place it’s just too beautiful. Did Bakari Jr tell you that the Rhino licked the salt from the bull bar? It was so close I could touch it. We were told to keep very quiet and could not even take pictures, my heart was pumping. Serengeti This was something else the setup of the camp, it was beyond our expectation Wooden Beds , Hot showers  the Food was even better than the lodges we stayed at . Tadey a great cook Khadhi a great camp manager Simon a great camp assistance he did what it took to keep us happy, he stayed with us at the fire place and told us stories, time just flew till it was time to go to bed The sounds of the African Night was exciting Lions roaring at a distance Hyenas howling away at night. Going to Lake Victoria for the day seeing the Witch Doctor and how people believe in him the way Bakari explained was something very new to us moving thecamp to Serengeti North was the best thing One night we herd the rumble and we did not know what it was. In the Morning we asked Bakari Jr what was the rumble at night. He replied the Wildebeest’s passed some meters away from the camp. I should say the two nights we stayed at Serengeti North and getting to see the River Crossing was never in the plan. We took off from the  camp the last day at 6.00 am to Mara River and just parked ourselves  there and it finally happened at  around noon  they crossed  the  River Mara , we saw it all as we see it in TV The Crocodiles  going for a meal . Lake Natron, would call it the arid landscape, just Fantastic Thank you for organizing a great safari Mr. Jivraj Thank you very much Bakari Jr and your crew know their stuff!!! Thank you for the great wine as well hope to see you soon

Starche – Dusseldorf – Germany

August 2018

Fizzy Jacques Pienaar Jr had mentioned it to us that you will spoil us rotten !! Spoil us you did Doing 8 days safari with TPSSl was the best thing to treat ourselves to Tanzania again. We have been to South Tanzania Ruaha and Selous years ago After PienaarJr did a safari with you under a recommendation so we thought of the same . Thank you The Camp set up was one of its kinds Food (I ate too much) Safari Boy Your driver guides know their stuff!!! We say two Kills, 1 River Crossing at Mara River The Migration I know most of them are in Kenya Bu they are on the move back to Serengeti We have seen so many animals in such a short time. The only thing that we have not seem in this safari was a Rhino We did but it was the size of a stamp in a set of binoculars Not to worry we have them plenty in South Africa Once again thank you for a great Safari You have a Great Camp Concept Truly “Out of Africa”

Robin Peterson – Durban – South Africa

September 2018

Jivraj!!! Where do I start!! We have corresponded with over 150 emails!! It’s over and done from the day we landed to a week in UK now A safari that started just as an Inquiry!! That started   from Kilimanjaro International Airport It took us to West Kilimanjaro (those big Tuskers !! ) Arusha National Park (those Black and White Colobus) Tarangire National Park (Our experience in Tents for the 1st time) The Lions visited  the  camp !! We did not know till the next morning!!! Your Camp in Mto Wa Mbu !!It’s rustic!!  Just love it the way you have set up the camp!! Lake Eyasi!! Love the hunt with the Hadzaa Tribesman!! OH!! I loved the taste of the Kudu meat!! The Mrs. did not!! Thanks for roasting the meat with Hassani!! Never knew that Tanzania had Meteorite Craters in Lake Natron!! Loved the Pink Carpet of Flamingoes in Lake Natron The Pink Crust of Lake Natron The Nesting Ground of the Vultures Nasera Rock and the Fig tree what a place in of the Beaten Track!! Seeing the Wildebeest giving birth!! Elephants in Camp in Serengeti what an experience that was! The Crater one of its kind!! Kondoa Rock paintings (Vintage Rock Art) Iringa Stone age site!! Ruaha!! What a national Park Zanzibar the Mrs has brought back home so much spice!! This is the safari in brief! Fizzy the way you planed this safari!! It was beyond my expectation!! The way you have trained your crew!! Fantastic!! Tell Bakari to wear that smile all the time!! Keep up the good tailor made safari!! I will be back!!

Big Ben from New York USA!!

February 2019

Aafeez Jivraj – William Maasai – Abubakar Sangoli – Msuya Where should I start!! Ok !! I wanted a safari that had 3 days of walking Safaris You recommended the best walk I have done in my life with my girlfriend!! Walking around the Ngorongoro Crater Rim!! For 3 Days!! I tell you Aafeez this walk we encounter tons of Buffalos!!! Infect they spent the night at the 1st camp at Layani Special Camp Site. William Maasai was good and the Ranger as well. They just told us to say calm!! Calm we stayed!! We could hear then graze by the tent!! Come morning they all vanished!! The only trace was tons of poops around the camp!!! I believe that that camp it was a safe zone for this buffaloes!! From Predators at Night They are smart!! Msuya the chef made great meals out of nothing!! But he did feed us well!! The walk from Layani to Irkeepusi was a kind of its own!! We would have come face to face with a herd of Elephants!! That did not happen!! As we were late by about 20 min!! Can you imagine the Adrenaline that kicked in when the Ranger told us Elephants have been here!! He showed us fresh poop!! He showed us the poop!!  That was steaming still!!! The night at Irkeepusi Camp!! We herd the Leopard grunting very close to camp!! William and the ranger then showed us the foot prints in morning!!! Very close to camp!! The walk to Nainokanoka was fabulous, as we walked close to Zebras!! They just looked at us!! This was the highlight of our walking Safari!! Thank you well organized!! The Mobile Camping Safari to Mara River, spending 4 Nights and seeing 3 river crossing was something that I was looking forward to!! We saw so many cats in Central Serengeti mostly Lions!!! But we did see Leopard and Cheetahs as well Thank you for a safari well organized!! I will definitely tell my friends in the office!! Recommend your organization Aafeez!! Thank you

Roman – Anastasia, Warsaw - Poland

July 2019

Aafeez!!! My wife my Children and I want to thank you so much!!! For setting up a great safari!! It all started with a few emails!! By the time we agreed on the safari Itinerary and plan!! We have written to each other over 150 mails!! I totally agree with you what you recommend us!! The safari so called Bundu Bashing Under Canvass!! 14 Days 13 Nights we thought it was too long!!! I tell you one thing we should have added a few more days!! Every day was something different!! We got to see the River Crossing!!  3 times!!  In Bologonja!! The Camp Authentic!! Rustic!! ‘OUT OF AFRICA ‘Style!! Amboseli South!!  Those Elephants!!  Big Tuskers!! Lake Natron was something like being in other planet!! The Camp is Serengeti Central We just loved it!! Savanna Bush Camp!! your camp  in Mto Wa Mbu is  rustic and simple That is what we needed. The Mrs. Is planning our next trip not soon but it will happen!! She even went to the DVD store to get the DVD on Out of Africa !! Now I see how it all came up!! Yes The Camp was out Of Africa !!! Smart you are!! Last of all!! Your Crew !! These guys know what they are doing!! Bakari our guide!! Always wears a smile!! Msuya!! the Cooking !! One of its kind!! Khadhi!! He was on time!!  From morning call to night cap!!! Small Bakari with the UniMog !!Wow !! he was on time  with the showers !! He fixed the small things in camp!! Last but not the least Aafeez!! You have taken care of the small logistics!! All was perfect!! You have a crew that knows what they are doing!! Keep up the good tailor made safaris that you are doing!! I will talk to my friends in South Africa!! One thing for sure!!  Aafeez We arecampers in South Africa!! But you have spoilt the South African way of camping!! It’s too much of Luxury that you offer in this off the beaten track Safari!! Thank you !!

Jack Von Wyk, Durban – South Africa

September 2019

Aafeez & Team!! I was with you on safari in 2008 That was 11 years ago I have come back with my family this time I have seen that there are so many changes in the whole set up after all this years . We did central Serengeti when I was here last!! When we started our correspondence 9 months ago, It all started are you in the business? I got your mail so fast!! When you told me what I wanted to do? I just wrote blindly to you if there was a chance to see river crossing that we see on TV !! From the mails, you were so confident!! I took it what you told me!! So you said let start with Tarangire – Manyara – Central Serengeti as the drive will be so long then we meet the camp in Kogatende. Here you mentioned that we spend 4 nights I thought it was too much in one area!! Aafeez I tell you that was perfect!! Mu bucket list was to see the River Crossing!! We saw 3 River crossing in the Mara River!! This was beyond our expectation! I saw what I came to see with my Family One of the biggest complain I have for you!! Tooooo much food!! Great food!! You have an excellent cook Your Crew they know what they are doing! Bakari I think he is the most easy going driver guide. At one point he just said guys we are going to spend the day here today!! We stayed and watched and watched and it happened!! We say the River crossing that went for ours I think Aafeez I clicked over 1000 pictures in this area Thank you for a great Safari program!! All in all it was very well organized!! I did miss Hugo!! I am so sorry of his loss. He was the guide who guided me. He was your old fox!! I loved the way he guided and I see the result of his training!! I see Bakari Guides like him I wish you all the best!! I hope to be back!! I know when I will be back there will be more changes Keep up the good work

Joshua O’Tool Family - Florida (USA) & Frankfurt (Germany)

September – 25.09.2019

Bakari Abubakar Sangoli Aafeez Jivraj Asante Sana!!! Thank you for a wonderful safari!!! Your knowledge of all the animals, roads and lodges was priceless and made the trip very educational and enjoyable. Your expert skills kept us safe and in forward motion, even where others were stuck in the mud or broken down on the road. We even appreciate the thirsty safari truck that made the journey through deep mud, up steep hills and over very bumpy roads with no problems. We felt very safe and confident with you and your expertise in some situations which would have been difficult and dangerous have we been on our own You knew where to find the all of the animals and being patient with us and all of our questions. We will definitely recommend you and your safari company to anyone who is interested in a safari  in Tanzania. Thank you for being so kind and attentive to all our needs!! May God bless and keep you and your family. Sincerely David and Judy Denison

David and Judy Denison, San Francisco. CA. - USA

September 2019