What are the Different Types of Safari Available Tanzania

As Africa has developed as a travel destination, so has the range of different safari types. As you browse this website, you will notice us making reference to different ‘types’ of safari. As a broad classification, below is an overview of each:

The Fly-In Safaris

This is the easiest way to get from A to B quickly, maximizing time spent in the wilderness for your African safari experience. You will make use of charter or scheduled aircraft to fly directly to your safari lodge of choice, where your safari ranger will be waiting for you for the start of your safari. Game drives are conducted using vehicles and guides located at the lodge. Fly-In safaris are available in every destination we specialize in, and in some areas, they are the only option available.

Private Guided Safaris

Tanzania Private Select Safaris makes use of guides to accompany you for the duration of your safari, where you can enjoy freedom on safari with your own vehicle and private guide. Guides have immense knowledge of the intricacies of the African bush which they impart on your safari, bringing the destination to life. TPSSL will pre-plan your itinerary and your guide will accompany you for the duration of your safari. The guides are local Tanzanian drivers and guides, costing far less for the use of their services but still offering outstanding knowledge and skill.

Scheduled Departure Safaris

Designed to get the most value out of your safari for the best possible price, these safaris visit prime wildlife areas but generally travel on group basis (where a number of strangers may travel together with the same interest or goal in mind) These safaris depart on pre-determined dates with a set itinerary routing.

Specialist Safaris

Any number of sub-sets of safaris has become available. As the names suggest, these may be Birding Safaris, Horse-riding Safaris, Photographic Safaris and Canoe Safaris etc. Speak to us for specialist itineraries for each.

Fly Camping Safaris

Often used in conjunction to walking safaris, fly camping is a minimalist camping experience in total contact with nature. By day you walk with qualified guides, by night you sleep out under the stars with a lightweight and mobile tent erected for the evening

What’s Fly Camping?

The fire crackles, you are surrounded by the wide open expanse of the bush and the open night sky wraps around you like a glittering, velvet blanket. You hear the loud, thunderous sound of a lion’s roar and your spine tingles as you realize there is nothing but distance and the crisp night air that separates you from the Serengeti’s top predator. Later, you are awakened by the thumping sound of a hundred hooves, as a hungry pack of Hyena chase a herd of wildebeest through camp!

These are the joys of Fly Camping, an African experience like no other.